“People ask me all the time how I came up with the name Teahouse Creatives.  To be honest, I have to tell them I didn’t. When I was little, my dad built a backyard playhouse for me and my brothers.  It was a place where we went to dream big, escape chores, plan to take over the neighborhood and sometimes, to just enjoy our own peaceful, creative space. My brothers are Timothy and Erik so T.E.A. House was what my dad carved on the sign that he hung above the front door.  When I started Teahouse Creatives 8 years ago as a place to showcase our freelance design work, there was no better name.” -Amie



350x350pxAmie Huebner

Creative Director and Principal

“Like the headline says, personality rules. I am passionate about my work and helping people be successful. This passion has helped me maintain a sense of curiosity of people and the world that fuels my need to get out there and explore.”

In today’s dynamic business environment, it helps to bring a designer to the table who understands the interactive web, the various marketing tools available, and how to use them effectively and efficiently.

Raised on the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast, my life has always has been rooted in a rich Southern culture and a deep connection with open water, food, music, and the sport of sailing. Living and working in various port cities around the country has been beneficial in developing a creative network on many coasts and cultural understanding of different regions. Currently, my office is based in Newport, Rhode Island.

My focus is three-fold: 1) to help organizations and individuals build a successful brand presence  2) to provide personal service and deliver design projects on-time and on-budget and 3) to help organizations and individuals understand how they can leverage a targeted and successful media presence and ensure it aligns with their brand.

I do contractual work with different types of industries and organizations, and I enjoy working with industries that embrace new technologies. I also volunteer my time and talents with select non-profits to give back to communities that I have a personal connection with. My background includes working with start-ups, non-profits, large and small associations, communication agencies, and partnering with other web and marketing specialists.

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Corinne_AbelsCorinne Ables

Project Manager and Marketing Consultant

I love working. I love people. And I love playing a hand in assisting organizations grow to be their best. From small businesses and non-profits to political groups and public officials, I have circled my professional career around a vast array of organizations and centered my attention on innovation and growth for every client.

As the wife of an Army officer and the daughter of a small business owner, I take pride in my professional service, country-wide experience, and versatility. Living in five different states in the last five years, I have studied, watched, and worked with so many different types of people and organizations that my ability to serve each client in their own unique facets has been continually tested and tried.

At TeaHouse Creatives, I bring my varying skillset full circle. My main roles include: 1) Helping clients decipher their marketing needs and prioritizing plans of action, 2) Advising on social media and other marketing plans, and 3) Ensuring the web and design processes are timely and comprehensive.

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Lori-Web-Profilepic-300x300Lori Fields

UI and Publication Designer

Design is my passion. This passion was sparked when I was a young child and my older brother would illustrate the Peanuts comics from the Sunday paper for my sister and me. He would use colorful tempura paints to color his replicas. Needless to say, this experience encouraged my love for the fine arts and I eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

During my undergraduate studies, I was introduced to graphic design. I wasn’t enthused with computer arts at the time, but I later realized that it actually had an outstanding effect on me and it changed my perception of art and design. It resulted in the continuation of my education in graphic design at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Graphic design intrigues me because I am a problem-solving enthusiast. Problem solving in graphic design is much larger than just executing tasks in design applications. You must be able to analyze user behaviors, make sense of your customer’s vision, collaborate with your peers, place yourself in the experience of others, etc. to solidify a solution—a human-centered solution.

I have extensive experience in print and publication design. I have worked with a few large non-profits providing specific attention to the production of their flagship publications such as monthly magazines. Taking text, images, and graphics and applying my process to make sense of them allows me to piece them all together like a giant puzzle. Once it is coherent and the message is clearly communicated, it is awesome to know that the design is driven to influence a specific group or carry out a mission.

I recently graduated with my Masters in Fine Arts in graphic design from an institution that I always have dreamed of attending, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). SCAD really allowed me to mature and to grasp a deeper understanding of design and to better assess my place in this multi-faceted design world. With imminent technologies on the horizon, I have a special interest in user interfaces and user experiences.

Outside of design, I enjoy photography, fishing, hiking, and playing tennis. I have two wonderful and fun kids including a loving and very supportive husband. Together, we love the outdoors and creating our very own experiences.


Teahouse Creatives, LLC has solid partnerships with select local photographers, writers, social media strategist, and web programmers.

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